We're fixing what's broken in digital asset markets.

Our Approach

Blockchain-Based Innovation

Centralized counterparties add time, risks, and costs; we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes of the old financial world.

A Sea of Digital Assets

Accessible and transparent markets for all starts with digitizing the world’s assets, which will make financial flows seamless.

The Right Bridges

A tokenized future won’t happen overnight; it requires collaboration, not confrontation, with technologists, financiers, and regulators.

Our Values

Constant Innovation

Never stop, never settle. We’re always iterating and improving.

Debate, Not Dogma

The first idea is rarely right. Thoughtful dialogue fuels our decisions.

Never Cut Corners

We’re not afraid of hard work, and we’ll never compromise our dedication to excellence.

Teamwork Across Teams

We can’t do this alone. We seek like-minded partners.

Trusted Partners

Fairness and honesty. We want you to work with us.

Diversity Rules

We hire the best, regardless of background. And we let them shine.

Our Team

Ari Kardasis

John Piotrowski

Andrew Cassetti

Monica Santos

Rafał Lizoń

Tomasz Giba

Nicholas Reville

Sebastian Grzesik

Tomasz Rozmus

David Laplante

Andrew Ross

Joshua Segall

Kamil Rogalski

Marcin Misiorek

Krzysztof Drabek

Przemysław Hadała